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Advantages of DNA blood collection card

A detailed description of the DNA blood collection card:
Our factory specializes in the production of blood collection card. FTA blood sample collection card disposable sampling tool biological evidence extraction cotton swab DNA database special blood sample storage bag and disposable blood collection needle blood collection card disposable vacuum blood collection tube and other medical supplies sampling tools order hotline: 18028715702 gong manager once Cooperation lifelong friends welcome friends who need to call to discuss business……..

Forensic supplies – blood collection card series

The FTA card is designed to collect, archive, and purify nucleic acids from various biological samples at room temperature and perform PCR, SNP, RFLP, etc. analysis. Applicable samples include blood, oral cells, tissue cells, and the like. The FTA card contains unique chemicals that degrade the cell membrane, denature proteins and effectively protect nucleic acids from nucleases, oxidants, and UV rays. FTA cards can quickly inactivate organisms and inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, inactivating infectious pathogens.
   FTA cards are available in several forms, such as standard cards, mini cards, small cards, and gene cards.

• Simple one-step acquisition of capture DNA
• Captured nucleic acids can be used in downstream applications in just 30 minutes
• Nucleic acid samples on the FTA card can be stored stably for several years at room temperature
• Samples on the FTA card are stored at room temperature before and after application, reducing the use of laboratory low-temperature refrigerators
• Indicating FTA card will change color after sample collection, suitable for colorless sample collection
• FTA cards are available in a variety of styles to meet the needs of the operator and can be customized to suit the user’s needs.

DNA collection flocked swab application and price introduction


DNA collection flocking cotton swabs are made using nylon fiber flocking technology. The front end is coated with nylon staple fibers fixed in the vertical direction so that there is no absorption hole in the collection area of the collection cotton swab, and the DNA cells are not dispersed in the retained fibers. Conducive to faster and higher school elution.

  1. Made of non-inhibitory DNA amplification material, PCR amplification can be performed directly, eliminating the extraction step.
  2. Strict process conditions, free of DNase, RNase, and capturable human DNA.

3, for sweat, semen, blood, dander, oral cells and other trace samples have superior acquisition performance.

  1. It can quickly absorb a small amount of sample and is highly efficient when released.
  2. The front is sharper and is suitable for extracting cells from the nails of crime scene victims or suspects.

6, the swab back end can be broken design, which is conducive to automatic extraction workstations for sample extraction.

  1. The entire swab is packaged in a clear plastic tube to avoid biological contamination.

Specifications: 20 / box

Price: 180 yuan / box

flocking swab

Flocking swab is an preferal choice for use with rapid diagnostic tests because of their ability to better collect cells or organisms at the collection site and rapid release of entire cells.

Flocking swab contain no inner fabric or other inner core to absorb the specimen , a larger amount of specimen is collected and retained. Not only does this provide for better sample yield, it also allows a more rapid and complete release of the sample into liquid media.

Flocking swab is available with pre-molded breakpoints, with printed indicators, so you can easily break the handle before attaching the cap to the vial.

flocking swab

rayon swab

Rayon swab is a kind of swab that can be used to collect specimen for molecular diagnostics. As a Chinese leading manufacturer, we produce the swab in GMP environment and the swab get sterilization treated with individual packing , to assure that the swab is good in quality.

Rayon swab is well used in specimen collection and well popular with many customers.

rayon swab

cheek swab

Cheek swabs or buccal swabs simplify specimen collection procedures as there is no need for referral to a local pathology service. Swabs are ideal for specimen collection at the time of appointment and for unwell or paediatric patients. This sample type has no temperature or time constraints and is suitable for remote mobile clinics and needle phobic patients.

cheek swab

DNA swab

In the field of genetics, collect human DNA or RNA with DNA swab is one of the most fundamental collection methods. it’s beneficial to choose a
sterile, easy-to-use, non-invasive swabs that works for you and your donor.

Our sterile swabs come in many different shapes and sizes. We’ve outlined three of the most widely-used types in the field today.

One of swab is flocked swab, it has been adopted into the field of genetics due to the superior nature of their nylon flocked Providing a unique alternative to the cotton or foam, these flocked fibers are able to collect, retain, and elute the sample, even when cell counts are limited.

We have found that flocked swabs are gentle enough to use on newborns who may or may not have developed salivary glands yet. The nylon flocked will gently attract the buccal and/or saliva cells within the mouth.

dna swab

flocked swab manufacturer

As a flocked swab manufacturer ,Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Tech Co., Ltd. established in 2008. For 11 years, we’re committing to integrating R&D, manufacture & marketing of medical swabs including flocking swab. The flocking swab has the advantage of superior sample elution and rapid absorption, in addition, the flocking swab is DNA-free and go through sterilization process before shipping. So the flocking swab well proves to be the preferential choice for specimen collection.
flocked swab manufacturer

wholesale sterile swab

Huachenyang(Shenzhen)Technology Co.,Ltd is a Chinese leading manufacturer which wholesale sterile swab, we have been specializing medical swab/sterile swab for 11 years and we enjoy high reputation in China. As a leading manufacturer in China, we make production as per GMP standard to meet the strict demands of quality control and our swabs for FDA CE certificate. So we always offer good quality swab with good wholesale price. Now we are looking for more distributors from all around the world to expand our business.

wholesale sterile swab

Gynaecology swab

Gynaecology swab is for sample collection from cervix, further to do HPV testing. The result for HPV testing will show if one person takes high risk of getting cervical cancer or not. It proves that flocked swab can release up to 95% sample and flocked swab is a kind of soft material, it will not blooding improve patient comfort during sample collection. One the other hand, collect sample with flocked swab, it will help get more accurate result. So gynaecology swab with flocked material is the best choice to do sample collection from cervix.

Gynaecology swab

eyes collection swab

Eyes collection swab is for eyes sample collection to detect ocular infection. Ocular infection can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or chlamydia and can be detected by culture or nucleic acid amplification testing . Infections may involve one or both eyes .Conjunctivitis is most common eye infection, It is often helpful to collect two flocked swabs from the conjunctiva – one for culture and one for gram stain.

eyes collection swab