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The advantage about home DNA testing kit

It is now easier to purchase and perform a DNA paternity test. One can now pick a DNA company online, order a DNA testing kit and have it sent to your home. You are able to take DNA samples yourself, post them to a lab and wait for the results to be sent to you. It’s that simple.

A home testing kits will typically contain 2 sets of buccal swabs , individually coloured, and the respective envelopes in which to store them. Taking sample by rubbing the swab on the inside cheek of the mouth in order to remove cheek cells. DNA is contained within these cells and it is important that the sample contains enough of them to produce a good result. The procedure is simple and pain free, and, as long as the instructions are read and followed correctly, delivers results that are accurate and reliable.

The real advantage of the home DNA test is that perform entire process in the privacy of your own home, and in your own time. There is no need for doctor appointments or painful blood tests anymore. Once sending the kit to you and you take the necessary samples, you simply post it to a laboratory and wait for your results. These will typically take a few days to get results.