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Where is DNA detection going, is it complicated?

A gene is a basic unit of genetics that carries DNA or a sequence of genetic information. It transfers genetic information to the next generation through replication, directs protein synthesis to express the genetic information it carries, and thus controls the expression of traits in biological individuals. Development, through technical means, has penetrated into our lives. Genetic technology has brought great benefits to our lives and health. We can help us predict future diseases through genetic technology and facilitate our lives through genetic technology. With regard to DNA detection, the current technology is very mature. Our ordinary people can also help us solve the purpose of disease prediction through genetic technology. What do we need to know about DNA detection? Let’s take a look together.

[1] DNA testing does not require going to the hospital

With the maturity of DNA detection technology, the development of DNA technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, which has brought great convenience to our lives. However, many people think that it is necessary to go to hospital for DNA detection and disease prevention. In fact, society has developed today, DNA. Not only, but it can also be done in hospitals, we can help us detect DNA through DNA testing institutions, and it will be more convenient than hospitals. When choosing a genetic testing institution, we must choose a group genetic testing institution. One-stop service will make Us have saved a lot of trouble. The Jiugang Group’s genetic testing and one-stop service make the genetic testing process, not in trouble.

[2] DNA detection process

The process of doing DNA testing is very simple. After we go to a group testing institution, such as Jiugang Gene, we will receive a sampling box and sample it after receiving the sampling box. Acquisition method:

  1. Open the oral mucosal exfoliated cell sample sampling box.
  2. Fill in your personal information form
  3. Remove the oral mucosa collection, brush, and preservation solution test tube
  4. Tear the open cavity mucosa collection brush, put it into the inner wall of the mouth and wipe it up and down, about 20 times
  5. Place the oral mucosa collection brush vertically into the preservation solution tube.
  6. Then take the sample of the collected oral mucosa and send it to the Jiugang Genetic Testing Center.
  7. After receiving your sample, we will go through the sample information and start DNA testing of your sample.
  8. After 15~20 working days, you will receive a genetic test report.
  9. Finally, we will interpret your test report.

[3] DNA detection precautions.

DNA detection precautions, mainly when collecting samples, do not eat, eat anything, avoid collecting oral mucosa, have DNA of food, brush your teeth, drink plenty of water, so, These must be noted, when filling out the sample information, be sure to fill out the clear.

[4] Selection of DNA testing institutions

DNA testing institutions, the choice is very important, Xiaobian here suggested that friends who want to do DNA testing, choose DNA testing institutions must choose, group testing institutions and, there is a one-stop service, because the group testing institutions, not only More professional, and one-stop service will bring us a lot of conveniences. For example, Jiugang Genetic Testing.

DNA testing kit

It is now easier to purchase and perform a DNA testing. One can now pick a DNA company online, order a DNA testing kit and have it sent to your home. You are able to take DNA samples yourself, post them to a lab and wait for the results to be sent to you. It’s that simple.

Huachenyang can offer home DNA testing kit for DNA testing. Our kit contains 2 pcs of buccal swabs ,two vials with DNA stabilization solution, barcodes and return bag. Taking sample by rubbing the swab on the inside cheek of the mouth in order to remove cheek cells. DNA is contained within these cells and it is important that the sample contains enough of them to produce a good result. The procedure is simple and pain free, and, as long as the instructions are read and followed correctly, delivers results that are accurate and reliable.

The advantage of the home DNA testing is that perform entire process in your own home, and in your own time. There is no need for doctor appointments or painful blood tests anymore. Once sending the kit to you and you take the necessary samples, you simply post it to a laboratory and wait for your results. These will take a few days to get results.

DNA test kit

Dna Test Sample Collection Kit

Dna test sample collection kit includes two buccal flocked swabs, two vials with DNA stabilization solution, four barcodes and one return bag. It is available to collect cell sample at home with this kind of kit. We usually call it home DNA test kit. The flocked swab in the kit is well suitable to collect sample. It can collect up to 95% of sample compare with cotton swab. The exclusive break point design match the vial with solution perfectly. Prepare vials with DNA stabilization solution to store and transport samples. It can restrict bacteria growth and keep DNA active. After collection, the samples are stable for up to 30 days at room temperature. There is three years of shelf life for swab and one years for DNA stabilization solution. OEM/ODM is available.

OEM Available DNA Test Saliva Collection Kits

Salivary diagnostics are already available for nucleic acid testing. Clinical tests are already performed on saliva specimens in some laboratories.  So saliva collection kit become more and more popular. The kit includes 5 ml saliva funnel and collection tube,  5 ml saliva preservatives tube with 2 ml buffer and one donor instruction.  It has 12 months of shelf life.  There are some advantages for saliva collection kit. It is non-invasive, painless,user-friendly sample collection.  it is safe to handle and ship samples.  Besides, it is compatible with most DNA isolation methods to increase lab efficiency.  It is certified Free Of Inhibitors and Interference.  DNA from saliva is equivalent to DNA from blood for downstream applications.  Buffer can help to restrict bacteria growth and avoid degradation of DNA.  So the saliva sample is stable for up to 30 days at room temperature after collection. Use saliva collection kit for dna sample collection is a good choice, especially for collecting a mount of DNA yield. OEM/ODM is available for the box.