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DNA collection flocked swab application and price introduction

DNA collection flocked swab application and price introduction


DNA collection flocking cotton swabs are made using nylon fiber flocking technology. The front end is coated with nylon staple fibers fixed in the vertical direction so that there is no absorption hole in the collection area of the collection cotton swab, and the DNA cells are not dispersed in the retained fibers. Conducive to faster and higher school elution.

  1. Made of non-inhibitory DNA amplification material, PCR amplification can be performed directly, eliminating the extraction step.
  2. Strict process conditions, free of DNase, RNase, and capturable human DNA.

3, for sweat, semen, blood, dander, oral cells and other trace samples have superior acquisition performance.

  1. It can quickly absorb a small amount of sample and is highly efficient when released.
  2. The front is sharper and is suitable for extracting cells from the nails of crime scene victims or suspects.

6, the swab back end can be broken design, which is conducive to automatic extraction workstations for sample extraction.

  1. The entire swab is packaged in a clear plastic tube to avoid biological contamination.

Specifications: 20 / box

Price: 180 yuan / box


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