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Advantages of disposable flocking sampling cotton swabs

Advantages of disposable flocking sampling cotton swabs

Disposable flocking sampling cotton swab
The new medical sampling cotton swabs are made with internationally advanced technology, innovative nylon fiber technology, and high-tech spray technology. Advanced sample technology produces sample collection heads that enhance patient comfort. In particular, when exposed to sensitive parts of the human body, it is non-irritating, thereby relieving pain, and does not damage the skin and mucous membranes at the sampling site, and reduces the collection of specimens. When flocked nylon swabs have the advantages of high absorption and high release properties, flocked nylon swabs can directly reduce patient re-sampling, round-trip laboratory tests and repeated visits in the event of possible bleeding. Efficient flocked nylon swabs can directly reduce patient care costs due to unclear diagnosis and delays in treatment.
Selecting experimental tests and using reagents is often a quality control step and is important for laboratory testing. Quality control during the pre-collection inspection phase is an easily overlooked but very important part of the overall inspection quality control. The correct choice of inspection materials is a tool. In order to ensure the reliability of the test results.
The flocked nylon material swabs are made from fine nylon fibers by an innovative process and are glued to molded plastic rods. Compared to other material swabs, the flocked swab sampling head has a large surface area that facilitates the collection of cells and specimens. Through the adhesion of the material, flocking nylon collecting head and other material swabs, it is found that the flocked nylon swab is soft, has good water absorption, strong absorption capacity, good release uniformity, short absorption time, and high sample collection and release rate. Reduce the detection rate of sampled specimens, etc.; have breakpoints, easy to transport and use.

New non-removable sampling head swab/virus sampling swab / sterile sampling swab / DNA sampling swab

product description:
The sampling cotton swab consists of nylon staple fiber fluff and medical ABS plastic rod. Nylon staple fibers act as a soft brush to improve the collection of cellular material. Capillary movement between the fibers produces a strong water pressure that absorbs the liquid sample. At the same time, the sample is placed on the surface of the swab to facilitate elution.

Product manual:
This product is produced by our factory using new technology. It is the only patented disposable sterile sampling flocking cotton swab in China. already. A large number of clinical trials abroad have shown that nylon flocking swabs are superior to ordinary sterile swabs in the collection and delivery of clinical biological samples, especially for samples that cannot be sent in time for a long time. This is especially true.

  1. Connection strength: When the moving speed of the tensile testing machine fixture is 200mm / min; the pulling force of the sampling head and the connecting rod should be no less than 2N.
  2. Breaking strength: When the test span is 6 cm, the swab should be able to withstand 4 N axial static pressure for 15 s without permanent deformation or breakage.
  3. Rotating friction: After applying the glue, spray the velvet on the ABS rod. The rubbing fastness means that the test is not more than 2N, the rotational friction is not less than 3 times, and the surface fluff is not more than 2.

Product Usage:
Nylon flocking swabs are widely used for bacterial sample processing, viral cell culture, DFA testing, rapid and direct testing, enzyme immunoassays, polymerase chain reaction and molecular diagnostic-based assays, and forensic identification. Very ideal. It can also be used for throat sampling of respiratory viruses such as flu, swine flu, avian flu, and hand, foot, and mouth.


  1. With superior water absorption capacity, the number of specimens collected on the table can be increased from 20% to 60% of traditional sampling swabs.
  2. The release rate of the collected specimens exceeds 90%, ensuring the high reliability of the results.
  3. Select different preservation solutions for different sample types
  4. The plastic rod has a unique fragile design for easy sample transport.
  5. Ethylene oxide sterilization, independent packaging

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