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Monthly ArchiveMay 2019

DNA purification kit

HCY DNA purification kit is for purify DNA from buccal cell or saliva sample. It combine magnetic bead-based technology to isolate genomic DNA without the need hazardous chemicals,centrifugation , or vacuum manifolds,phenol and ethanol precipitation.

DNA purification kit

With HCY DNA purification kit, high quality genomic DNA can be purified in 15 minutes without phenol/chloroform extraction or alcohol precipitation, with an average DNA yield of 8 μg per buccal swab. Purified DNA, with approximately 20-30 kb, is suitable for downstream applications such as PCR or other enzymatic reactions.

saliva swab

HCY saliva swab is for collecting dna sample from buccal , it is noninvasive, painless and cost-effective sample collection. saliva swab includes flocked swab, which is prior choice to collect dna sample. Because flocked swab have the advantage of superior sample elution and rapid absorption. Nowadays, collecting sample with flocked swab because more and more popular, it is well approval by many people from all over the world.

saliva swab

Saliva collector

HCY Saliva collector is state of the art user-friendly designed for donors’ DNA sample self-collection at home, which is all-in-one system for collection, stabilization and transport, storage of human DNA from human superior saliva sample.

With saliva collector, it is non-invasive, painless, user-friendly sample collection Improves donor care and comfort, Ideal for use with children or patients who will not comply with blood collections.

Compatible with most DNA isolation methods Increase Lab efficiency.

The median yield of DNA is 110 μg from a 2 ml saliva sample but the yield may range from a minimum of 15 μg to more than 300 μg. Even with the same donor, the yield may change from day to day. The median yield for any given study may depend on the population that is being sampled from.

buccal swabs

Buccal swabs are a relatively non-invasive way to collect DNA samples for testing. It is known as buccal smear, a way to collect DNA from the cell on the inside of a person’s cheek. The buccal swabs are sterile and they are different material, like nylon flocked, cotton, foam, polyester etc. The flocked swab is the best choice to collect DNA samples. Because it can release the 95% sample comparing with others, to maximize the DNA yield.

buccal swab

saliva collection kit

Saliva DNA collection is a method of obtaining DNA , it is harmless and painless to the human body. This method is comfortable to the collector, and thus it maximizes the DNA collection sample range of genetic research. The saliva collection kit includes a collection funnel, two collection tubes, a saliva preservation solution and a collection tube cap. Saliva preservation solution are in the funnel with sealing plastic film. After usage, mixing the liquid and saliva at room temperature for long-term preservation of sample DNA. This product is small and portable.

saliva dna collection kit

sterile swab

Disposable sterile swab is for sample collection , use different swab to collect the sample from different part of body. The swab involve in buccal swab, nasal swab,throat swab, cervical swab. With flocking material, it is ideal for sample collection, because of the flocking swab help to release 95% sample.

sterile swab

medical swab

Huachenyang manufactures disposable medical swab , producing the swabs in GMP environment , to assure that swab is good in quality. To be strict with quality, the swabs go through sterilization process before shipping. It also got FDA approval. As a leading China manufacturer , which has been in this line for 11 years, our medical swab is popular with the customers around the world.

medical swab

Throat swab

Throat swab is for throat culture, which is used to diagnose or rule out strep throat. Test procedure is that insert a throat swab into your mouth to take a sample from the back of the throat and tonsils. The throat swab has a breakpoint perfectly to design for throat sampling. With flocked material, It maximizes sample collection and improve patient comfort.

throat swab

Specimen collection swab

Specimen collection swab is for collecting specimen with noninvasive method. Collection and transport systems are for the collection and transport of specimens, to the microbiology laboratory for organism recovery. As a liable manufacturer , Huachenyang has earned a reputation for offering high-quality solutions for both patients and clinicians, which is why many microbiology labs choose us to meet their specimen collection and transport needs.

specimen collection swab

DNA collection kit

DNA collection kit is for DNA testing , it includes two flocked swab,two vials with buffer, barcodes and return bag. And it is available to collect dna sample at home. Swab with flocking material help to maximize dna yield, it also improves patient comfort. The buffer allow to keep the sample stable for up to 30 days.

dna collection kit