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Monthly ArchiveNovember 2018

Disposable Medical HPV Testing Cervical Flocked Swabs

Huachenyang(Shenzhen) Technology Co.,Ltd is a Chinese leading manufacturer specializing in medical consumable. We make production in GMP environment and our products got FDA certificate. We devote to offering good product with reasonable price. Our products include cervical flocked swab for HPV testing, it is noninvasive,painless to collect dna sample with cervical swab. It offers ergonomic and anatomic design to improve patient comfort. Flocked swab has the advantage of rapid absorption and superior sample elution. It is available to collect maximum yield of DNA with flocked swab. Our cervical flocked swab are strictly sterilized and certified free of DNase,RNase and Human DNA and PCR inhibitors.  So it can help get accurate test result and avoid wrong diagnosis. Further more, it will help to save cost. Our cervical swab is available to match collection tube or DNA stabilization solution.  It allows to send to the lab within 15 days after sampling

Dog DNA Sample Collection Kit

Dog DNA sample collection kit includes two buccal flocked swabs, two vials with DNA stabilization solution,four barcodes and one return bag.  The kit is  for collecting dog dna sample for genetic testing. Buccal swab collection has many advantages. It can be easily performed using a collection swab, it is noninvasive and painless collection.  It provides sufficient DNA for the PCRs and a long-term storage. In addition,Buccal swab has a breakpoint with ergonomic and anatomic design,It well matches with vials. DNA stabilization solution can help to restrict bacterial growth,also avoid degradation of the DNA.  The swab does not come in contact with anything other than dog’s mouth, in order to prevent contaminations with foreign DNA. Be careful also not to touch the swab with your own hands. After taking the buccal swab sample, break the swab into vials, the sample is stable for up to 30 days at room temperature.

TOC cleaning validation swab

TOC cleaning validation swab is exclusively for cleaning validation in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The head material is polyster, it is flat, not easy to defibrate and free of organic pollutants. This kind of head material offers a wide solvent compatibility, the compatibility is essential for recovering the residue off the surface , also storing it into the preselected diluent for testing. The  cleaning validation swab can also clean impurity  in the surface. In addition, it can success in sampling in the surface and control sampling area. The polypropylene handle has excellent anti-static performance. It can ensures the high cleanliness of the product. The thick and long handle provides more powerful support when sampling.


Dna Test Sample Collection Kit

Dna test sample collection kit includes two buccal flocked swabs, two vials with DNA stabilization solution, four barcodes and one return bag. It is available to collect cell sample at home with this kind of kit. We usually call it home DNA test kit. The flocked swab in the kit is well suitable to collect sample. It can collect up to 95% of sample compare with cotton swab. The exclusive break point design match the vial with solution perfectly. Prepare vials with DNA stabilization solution to store and transport samples. It can restrict bacteria growth and keep DNA active. After collection, the samples are stable for up to 30 days at room temperature. There is three years of shelf life for swab and one years for DNA stabilization solution. OEM/ODM is available.

OEM Available DNA Test Saliva Collection Kits

Salivary diagnostics are already available for nucleic acid testing. Clinical tests are already performed on saliva specimens in some laboratories.  So saliva collection kit become more and more popular. The kit includes 5 ml saliva funnel and collection tube,  5 ml saliva preservatives tube with 2 ml buffer and one donor instruction.  It has 12 months of shelf life.  There are some advantages for saliva collection kit. It is non-invasive, painless,user-friendly sample collection.  it is safe to handle and ship samples.  Besides, it is compatible with most DNA isolation methods to increase lab efficiency.  It is certified Free Of Inhibitors and Interference.  DNA from saliva is equivalent to DNA from blood for downstream applications.  Buffer can help to restrict bacteria growth and avoid degradation of DNA.  So the saliva sample is stable for up to 30 days at room temperature after collection. Use saliva collection kit for dna sample collection is a good choice, especially for collecting a mount of DNA yield. OEM/ODM is available for the box.

DNA Sample Collection Nylon Fibers Medical Flocked Swab With Transport Tube

HCY offer DNA sampling swab with tube for DNA try collection, storage and transport. Use this kind of swab with tube for collection, It’s a quick, non-invasive procedure, with no pain involved.  For most of patients, it is affordable to collect. Besides,patients usually are more relaxed and less stressed about the DNA collection process.  In terms of lab testing, Scientists prefer the easier extraction process from a testing point of view.  Flocked swab help to get more yield of DNA, and with tube, it is convenient to store and transport. It offer three years for shelf life.  DNA sample is stable for up to 15 days at room temperature after collection. The tube is available to match different flocked swab for different application. It is also available to collect at doctor house or at home. The swab does not come in contact with anything other than your mouth, in order to prevent contaminations with foreign DNA. Be careful also not to touch the swab with your own hands. After taking the swab sample, it is vital to let it try on air.  By drying the buccal swab on air, bacterial contaminations and degradation of the DNA is avoided. Do not dry the swab by blowing on it.

New Medical Products Dna Sample Collection Nylon Fibers Medical Flocked Swab

Use advanced “spray on technology” to make flocked swab, flocked swab has advantages of superior sample elution and rapid absorption. Compared with cotton swab, flocked swab release up to 95% of sample but only 25% for cotton swab.Besides,our flocked swab are DNA-free and sterilized before shipping , this will help to get accurate result. There is breakpoint in the handle, it is easy to accommodate different processing systems. Flocked swab is the best choice for DNA sample collection.